Happy Customers

As a first time home buyer the process can be overwhelming to say the least. Out of all the different people we dealt with during the process Nick was far and away the most helpful and informative. He took the time to answer every last question we had, even taking the time to speak with us and go over the report again post inspection. Amazing pricing, amazing customer service, will recommend to all friends and family looking to purchase a home. Thanks Nick!!!!!!

Raymour Seacaucus


Just used Nick as our inspector for a luxury property. He was extremely knowledgeable and educated. Nick took the time to explain everything and left no stone unturned. He gave us a great price and turned the report out that evening. We felt comfortable with him and trusted his expertise. Thank you for everything Nick!

Kristine Kehoe


Very thorough, took his time answered every question we possible could have had... Great personality; made it fun yet kept his composure and stayed professional... And if I asked about something he couldn't do, he always had a guy, or knew a guy... Would definitely recommend him to anyone



Great detailed inspection, with lots of pictures, and a lot of information. Nick was the ultimate information center when it came to let me know what was wrong with the house and what was right with it. Highly recommend him to anyone who's looking to purchase a house.

Eran Rozen


I highly recommend this company. Nick was very thorough and and professional. He addressed every concern about the property. Very detailed.

Michael Pao


Nick, You went above and beyond with this inspection. I appreciate your detailed findings. Your detailed report will greatly assist us in making a decision to buy or not to buy. Thanks for the great job you did. You taught me many things while performing the inspection.



3D Property Inspections is an excellent company. Nick has all the newest tools and gadgets to thoroughly inspect your home. He is punctual, professional, and affordable!!! I would recommend Nick to anyone looking for a great home inspector.

Val DeAppolonio


Very knowledgeable inspector. Very thorough inspection. As first time buyer, I learned a lot from Nick. Absolutely recommended!



Being in real estate for too many years you see a lot of industry professionals that lack any customer service skills. Nick, went above and beyond the call of duty for the seller who he was not hired to work for.

The buyers woke up on the day of inspection without heat on a day that the outdoor temperature was in the teens. So not only having the stress of having their home inspected they needed heat. They called Gold Medal heating service and they were able to come out during the time of inspection. However, their quote was 3 times the amount of anyone else.

Nick started calling hvac people and stayed until he had someone lined up and gave them everything they needed in order to fix the furnace (hours after inspection was completed ). On top of that Gold Medal came back to the house looking for money and a fight and he made sure that the sellers were protected.

Again, above the call of duty and will be recommending him to everyone.

Tiffany D.